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Barracuda Copy - Overview

What is Barracuda Copy?

Barracuda Copy lets you easily store, protect, and share your files. With apps for desktop systems and mobile devices, you can access and sync your files from anywhere across multiple platforms. For your organization, you can set up Barracuda Copy for Companies so that your teams can easily share files with each other. Built on the same cloud as Barracuda's award-winning IT solutions, Barracuda Copy is rooted in both security and storage technologies. With enterprise-level security, proprietary data control, secure sharing, and multiple storage plans, Barracuda Copy is designed to give you the tools and support you need at a price that beats the competition. 

Key Features

  • Desktop Apps – Keep files in sync between your computers and the Barracuda Copy cloud. Support for Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X (10.17+), and Linux.
  • Mobile Device Apps – Access and share files from your mobile device. Support for iOS, Android, and Windows devices.
  • Fair Storage – Split your storage use for shared files. For example, a 20 GB folder synced between 4 people only counts as 5 GB per person. 
  • Advanced Security and Protection – Your files are stored on servers that are controlled by Barracuda, and not with a third party like most cloud storage services. During transfer and while stored on Barracuda's enterprise-class cloud storage, your data is protected by multiple layers of encryption, including top-secret grade AES-256. Advanced features like secure sharing, source validation, and identity verification help guarantee that your files can only be seen by the people with whom you want to share.

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