Barracuda Spam Firewall

How Spam Scoring Works

As a message passes through the last of all of the defense layers, it is scored for spam probability. This score ranges from 0 (definitely not spam) to 10 or higher (definitely spam). Based on this score, the Barracuda Spam Firewall either tags (inbound messages only), quarantines, blocks or allows (or sends, for outbound) the message.

Once you have more experience with the Barracuda Spam Firewall, you can adjust how aggressively the system deals with spam. For example, you may decide to tag (inbound only) or quarantine spam instead of blocking it. Details of spam scoring limits for your Barracuda Spam Firewall are discussed in the Help file on the BASIC > Spam Checking page.

On the Barracuda Spam Firewall 400 or higher you can set the spam scoring values on a per-domain basis, and these scoring values take precedence over the global spam scoring settings. On the Barracuda Spam Firewall 600 and higher, spam scoring can be set on a per-user basis (inbound only), from the DOMAINS tab. For more information about per-domain settings, see Creating and Managing Domains. For more about per-user settings, see Creating and Managing Accounts.




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